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Not sure? Watch the video and ask yourself, "Is that good for the U.S.?"

The goal of this campaign is to prevent Obama from issuing his Executive Order on immigration. We'll do that by asking a leading amnesty supporter a tough question designed to show how amnesty will harm the U.S.

The video shows the type of questions Obama and other leading politicians are asked. The questions this campaign will ask are much, much tougher and will put politicians on the spot and hold them accountable for their policies.

See the Stop Amnesty Challenge for the five questions that have been selected.

The campaign has two steps:

1. First, contributors pledge up to $350. That will form a bounty. (DONE!)

2. When the goal is reached, the first person to ask one of our tough questions (subject to restrictions outlined below) will receive the $350 bounty. There will also be a Second Prize of $150.

See the FAQ section below for the details.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the questions?

    See 24ahead.com/stop-amnesty-challenge for the five questions. Each has a list of possible ways the politician could respond, and follow-ups. It isn't required, but the more follow-ups you can ask, the better.

  • What if the $350 goal isn't met?

    Anyone can claim the bounty at any time and, as long as they meet the requirements, they'll receive the current bounty. So, if only $100 is pledged and someone submits a video that meets the requirements, the contributors will be charged for their contributions, and the person submitting the video will get the $100. However, if no one claims the bounty by November 5, 2014, any amounts pledged - minus any fees charged by Tilt - will be returned to the contributors.

  • What if more than $350 is pledged?

    The bounty is capped at $350 and any amount over that will be used to offer a new bounty. So, if $500 is pledged there will be two bounties: one for $350, and another for $150. If one or both bounties remain unclaimed by November 5, 2014 the appropriate amounts pledged - minus any fees charged by Tilt - will be returned to the contributors. If your contribution was part of the first $350 and that bounty was claimed, you'll be charged. If your contribution was part of the last $150 and that's not claimed, you won't be charged.

  • Will you receive any of the proceeds?

    No: this is a "pass through" operation. Most of your funds will go to anyone who claims the bounty, and a small part of your funds will go towards Tilt's fees. I'll donate my time to administer and promote the bounty.

  • How do I claim the bounty?

    In order to claim the bounty you have to meet the requirements:

    1. You have to ask one of the questions that will be provided. You can slightly change it to match your speaking style, but my questions are designed to box people in to a certain set of responses so changing the question to be open-ended is disqualifying.

    2. The first set of questions will be for leaders of the Democratic Party. You have to ask the question of Barack Obama, a current member of the House or Senate who's a member of the Democratic Party, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, or Obama administration official Cecilia Munoz. Note that state and local Democrats are not on the list: it must be one of those listed. Joe Biden is not on the list because his answer might easily be spun as just a gaffe.

    3. You have to ask the question on good quality video with clear audio. The average viewer must be able to see and hear what was asked, who was asked, and their full reply. No one should be able to credibly claim that their answer was cut off or they said something different from what they said.

    4. You must get a reply to the question that was asked; if a politician goes into a stock speech without answering the question, you must politely demand that they reply to the question they were asked.

    5. You have to upload the video to Youtube, and if two or more people claim the bounty the winner will be determined by the upload date and time to Youtube. You're also encouraged to upload the video to other services.

    6. You have to ask the question forcefully but politely and in an appropriate public setting. It can't be online, it must be in person with you and the politician in the same room. If you scream the question at someone's back, or rant and rave, or pound the podium with your fist, or barge into a private meeting to ask the question, or shout the question while the politician is in the middle of a speech, those are disqualifying. The politician must be in a setting where they expect to be asked questions and they must be given time to formulate and express an answer. The goal is to make the politician look bad, not to make you look bad so if your video makes you (and this campaign) look bad, that will be disqualifying.

    I reserve the sole right to determine if a video qualifies or not, but an additional goal of this campaign is to encourage others to ask politicians tough questions without receiving a bounty. The more a video serves that goal, the better.

  • What about intellectual property rights?

    To make this process as easy as possible, the questions I'll provide will be released into the public domain. Anyone attempting to claim the bounty retains any intellectual property rights they would normally have: the video you make is yours and you can, for instance, collect Adsense fees from Youtube without sharing them with anyone else. I and any contributors will receive no intellectual property rights in your video.

  • Who is the organizer?

    This campaign is organized by 24Ahead.com. Since 2002 I've posted thousands of pages opposing amnesty and mass/illegal immigration. You can contact me at @24AheadDotCom_ if you have any questions.

  • I'm afraid of being tased.

    This campaign is not encouraging you to engage in any sort of illegal activity such as jumping a fence to ask the question. You're responsible for any and all costs or damages incurred by trying to claim the bounty. Neither I nor any contributors will be liable for any of those costs or damages.

    The goal of this campaign is to lawfully, ethically, politely, and peacefully "petition the Government for a redress of grievances". If you get tased while doing that, then you'll have a very strong First Amendment case and will no doubt be featured on TV shows and in publications.

    Please don't be afraid to take advantage of your rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

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